Capital campaigns can be a huge milestone moment for an organization if done correctly. A successful capital campaign will raise the funds needed to support the project, build deeper relationships with current donors, identify new donors, and grow the organization’s annual fund. 

They can also be overwhelming. How do you know if you’re ready? When do you announce? How do you manage a capital and annual fund campaign? I can guide you through the campaign preparation process and help lead you through a successful capital campaign. 


The single most important factor in a successful campaign is good preparation. Our feasibility studies ensure your organization is ready to take on a capital or capacity building campaign and, most importantly, creates a campaign strategy designed for success. 

Our two phase process evaluates an organization’s internal readiness for the campaign and gathers feedback from donors through one-on-one confidential consultations.


With so many moving parts and so little time, it’s difficult to assess all of your fundraising activities. A development audit is a thorough analysis of an organization’s development office.  

My analysis includes a review of policies and procedures, board engagement, strategic plan, giving history, database, special events, direct mail appeals, stewardship processes, and more.

As a result of my development audit, you will get a detailed report on the current state of the development office, identify the most urgent needs, and recommended next steps to address your biggest fundraising challenges. 


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